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Annex 4 - Visitors to Embangweni Mission Hospital in 2002

Susan Youll, Project Officer, USAID, USA
Susanne Bucci, UNICEF, Italy
Peole Rote, UNICEF, Italy
D. Crapper, U.K.
Tim Martineau, U.K.
Jane Shaw, U.K.
Jon Silversides, Medical Student, U.K.
Derek Robinson, Medical Student, U.K.
Hermod Skanland, Vice President, UNICEF, Norway
Kjersti Guestvang, Executive Director, UNICEF, Norway
Rob Henderson, Medical Student, U.K.
Georgina Fraser, Medical Student and Great Granddaughter of Dr. D. Fraser, U.K.
Rasolofomanana Lovy, Hygiene & Sanitation Advisor, Madagascar
Bill Rambo General Surgeon & Lydia Engleharsbt Gynaecologist, U.S.A.
Sandra Shannon – Queen University, Belfast, Medical Student, U.K.
Bob and Anita Jacoby, Topeka, Kansas, U.S.A.
3 Teams Marion Medical Mission Shallow Wells Project
L. McKay, Medical Student, Edinburgh, U.K
James McLeod, Medical Student
Dr. Ernest and Sue Brown, Gynaecologist & Lab Specialist, U.S.A.
George Poehlman, Family Practioner, U.S.A.
Glenn Geelhoed, Surgeon, U.S.A.
Liz and John Sutter, Medical Students, George Washington University, U.S.A.

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