Annual Report 2002
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Hospital Overview


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Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, Livingstonia Synod


P.O. Box 7, Embangweni, Mzimba District, Malawi (Africa)
Telephone 265-342-282 or 331-128
FAX c/o Frank Dimmock 265-750005
Email: or

Mission Statement:

"Tiliko kuti tipereke wovwiri wa umoyo na kupharazga ukaboni wa Yesu Khristu"

"We seek to provide excellent healthcare and to preach the good news of Jesus Christ"

Outgoing Medical Officer in Charge: Dr Maono Ngwira (MB ChB, MPH)
Incoming Medical Officer in Charge: Dr Alex Maclean (Church of Scotland)
Administrator: Mr. JM Winesi (BA Hons)
Matron: Sr. Catherine P.S. Mzembe, RN
PHC Coordinator: Mr. Jeffrey M. Mwala
Maintenance Officer: Mr. William S.S. Zgambo
Accountant: Mr. Save H. Kaunda

History and Location

Embangweni Hospital is a 130-bed hospital located in the southern part of Mzimba district in northern Malawi. The boundaries of our catchment area are the Zambian border on the west and south, the M-1 highway (main north-south road in Malawi) on the east, and Moses Chilenge and Emazwini villages to the north. The hospital serves a population of about 100,000 people, with referral cases often coming from much further away, including Zambia. It operates 3 remote health centers located in Kalikumbi, Mabiri, and Mpasazi, with plans to open a fourth in 2002. Travel throughout the Embangweni region can be difficult, especially during the rainy months, November to April. The only access to the M-1, a distance of 30 km, is by either the Jenda or Perekezi Forest dirt roads. Embangweni is situated at an altitude of 4,000 feet, in an area of flat brachystegia woodland.

Work to establish Embangweni Station, also known as "Loudon", was begun by Reverend Donald Fraser and his wife, Dr. Agnes Fraser, missionaries of the Free Church of Scotland, at the end of the 19th century. Scottish missionaries came to Malawi following the death of David Livingstone. Clinical work by Dr. Fraser began in 1902. In 1926, under the direction of Dr. W. Turner, the facility expanded to become a rural hospital. A maternity ward was added in 1966. During the 1970s, the hospital doubled its size from 38 to 77 beds. In 1989 under the ministry of Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Nancy McGill, the hospital greatly expanded its facilities and services to include separate buildings for maternity, pediatrics, male and female general care, as well as an operating theatre for limited surgeries and caesarian-section deliveries. The Primary Healthcare department has greatly expanded in scope and size in the 1990's.

Centenary Celebrations for Loudon Mission were conducted from 1st to 3rd November 2002. During the three days there where a hive of activities at the mission which culminated in a major church service on 3rd November. The Vice-President Honorable J. Malewezi, was the Guest of Honour. Certificates in recognition of service rendered to Loudon Mission by different individuals were presented, some posthumously.

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Stakeholder Relationships & Demographics

Overview of Hospital and Health Centre Services in 2002

Primary Health Care (PHC)


Administration and Finance

During the year, there has been some improvement in administration especially in financial management. Financial statements have been produced on time and most expenditure has been based on the strategic plan. The hospital accounts for the financial July 2001 to June, audited August of 2002. The audit report noted that accounts have been kept well during the fiscal year.

However, the department still faces challenges in the light of financial limitations. Though there is great support from our partners, most planned activities were not conducted during the year due to a lack of funds.


Miss Catherine Mzembe, joined the hospital in January, 2001 as Matron of the hospital. She is experienced nurse having worked in government for a considerable period. Dr. Dumisani Kamwana joined the hospital in August of 2002 after completing his internship at Lilongwe Central Hospital.

Hospital Plans

One significant activity during the year was the review of the existing hospital plan. The activity was undertaken and led to the production of an activity-based plan for the institution. The costs for the plan were calculated as well.

Projects and Maintenance

The Hospital has in its plans a number of projects however due do diminished funding they have not been implemented. The administration continues to solicit funds from potential donors every year. The funding problem equally affects maintenance.

Christian Witness

Devotions.jpg (7920 bytes)
Staff and patients attend daily devotions in Chapel.

Embangweni Hospital’s role in Christian witness has reached significant proportions over the years. The Hospital Chaplain, Mr. Mhone has continued being vigilant in the spread of the word of God. The hospital management incorporates chaplain activities in the hospital’s strategic plans and includes the hospital’s Health Christian Fellowship in conducting some of its activities. The hospital has also introduced morning prayers in the outpatient department every morning for patients after the daily Chapel morning services. Members of staff conduct these prayers on a rotational basis.

Staffing and Training

Staffing during the year has been a big challenge especially clinical and nursing staff. However, due to dedication amongst all members of staff provision of quality care has continued. The only anesthetist at the hospital resigned towards the end of the year. This has led to a reduction the types of cases handled in the operating theater.

During the year a number of people were sent for training. Mr. H.K.M. Mughogho, Assistant Accountant is doing a professional accounting course. Mr. Zitha Mphande has gone for upgrading to Clinical Officer and Mr. Moses Mtambo who was ward clerk has gone for a Medical Assistant course.

Though training is expensive, the hospital feels it is a Worthwhile venture to enable high quality services to continue. Those sponsored have an obligation to serve the hospital for a specified period.

nurse.jpg (14712 bytes) Nurse, Mary Kumwenda is slotted for training at bachelor's level.

Future Plans

Most aspects of the hospital’s revised plan are geared towards improving the quality of care at the hospital. Immediate significant activities include the following.

  1. Expanding the laboratory

  2. Building a neonatal ward

  3. Introducing anti-retrovirals into the PMTCT programme for HIV positive mothers and their children.

  4. Exploring income-generating activities to complement the assistance received from the partner churches and government.



Annex 1: Hospital and Health Centre Statistics 2002

Annex 2: Audited Operating and Capital Accounts - Balance Sheets - Financial Year 2001/2

Annex 3 - Staff Establishment and those in post (as of 31st December 2002)

Annex 4 - Visitors to Embangweni Mission Hospital in 2002


Uchindami kwa Chiuta (to God be the Glory)