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Primary Health Care (PHC)

Primary Health Care activities continue to be significant activities provided by the hospital. The year has seen expansion of HIV Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) activities into health centres and mobile clinics. The Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (MPTCT) of HIV project has increased its mandate to Kalikumbi Health Centre, therefore, pregnant mothers who are HIV positive do receive the Nevirapine at the health centre level as well as at the hospital. The Child Survival Programme in its third year has forged ahead on schedule.

Child Survival Programme

This programme is now two years old. The programme has continued to follow its goal of sensitizing local communities on the major causes of morbidity and mortality of children under-5 years. A mid-term evaluation of the programme has revealed significant improvements in creating awareness resulting in early seeking of health care. The evaluation exercise showed increase number of people seeking services for DRF/BED NETs, VCT, CBDAs. A USA-based consultant conducted the mid-term evaluation.

In addition to other activities, care groups were strengthened through further training and meetings were conducted with communities. Household follow-ups to monitor and assess impact and behaviour change in the community where done at all levels within the Child Survival Programme. Focus group discussions and curriculum development was achieved for three interventions: nutrition using the Hearth model, HIV/AIDS/STIs, and Family Planning.


Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT)


This programme aims to reduce Maternal to Child transmission of HIV virus and is now in its second year. There has been remarkable expansion in the programme activities. Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) has expanded from the hospital to two health centres and eight outreach clinics. This is an important development as such crucial services are brought close to people.

WellnessClinic.jpg (25811 bytes)
Staff and antenatal clients in front of clinic at wellness centre.

A delay in a signing of the partnership agreement with UNICEF led to a late start in the implementation of some of the PMTCT activities. However, some activities continued with the hospital resources especially the provision of VCT. In March, VCT started at Kalikumbi Health Centre and 3 of the 14 outreach clinics where the hospital provides ANC services. By September, 5 more outreach clinics began to provide this service. In December, Mabiri Health Centre started providing VCT to antenatal clients. During the year, 1,498 antenatal mothers were pre-test counseled and 1,375 were tested. Nearly 5% (66) of those tested were positive. During the year, 56 antenatal mothers received Nevirapine.

Number of Positive ANC Clients

January 79 61 5 8%
February 52 40 6 15%
March 129 117 10 9%
April 107 95 4 4%
May 65 62 3 5%
June 123 115 3 3%
July 103 95 2 2%
August 157 149 8 5%
September 145 138 7 5%
October 105 99 2 2%
November 128 116 4 3%
December 305 288 12 4%
TOTALS 1,498 1,375 66 5%


Number of HIV Positive Women given Nevirapine

January 3
February 4
March 8
April 9
May 4
June 5
July 2
August 12
September 6
October 1
November 1
December 1

Other programmes under the PHC department under took activities as planned however others were cancelled due to financial constraints.

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