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Annex 4 - Visitors to Embangweni Mission Hospital in 2001

We thank the following people for visiting us in 2001:

Jan and Todd Beste (Surgeon), U.S.A.
Mr. MF and Mrs. H. Kennedy (Dr. Kennedy's parents), U.K
Mr. Micheal King (surgeon)
Dr. Hilary Cranmer, ER Doctor from Boston, U.S.A. (26th January to 25th March, 2001)
Dr. Harvey and Mrs. Margaret Doorenbos - Surgeon, U.S.A. (February to June)
Dr. Hayden Boyd PhD, (Economist), U.S.A.
Mr. John Fleming, Medical Student from Ireland
Dr. Christopher Dotty (ER physician from New York, U.S.A.)
Larry Sthreshley (Cameroon Station Health Co-ordinator) PCUSA
Betty & John Beard (PCUSA)
Dr. Albert Jansen, USA
Dr. Stevenson (Surgeon), USA
Film Crew from UNICEF came on 16th May to film MTCT activities.
Jim Nussbaumer and team from Loveland, Colorado (PCUSA)
Juliette Buckley and Ciaran Bohane, Medical Students from Ireland
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Nancy Dimmock and family (PCUSA)
Rev. Neil Weatherhogg and a delegation from Topeka, Kansas (PCUSA)
The Gaiser Foundation (body funding paediatric HIV/AIDS activities) sent 4 representatives to view the UNICEF funded MTCT program.
Elizabeth Blanton - MPH Student from Emory, USA, studying the MTCT program
Drs. Jeremy + Shannon Smith (PCUSA)
Mr. Russell Banner, Medical Student (UK)
Sue Makin (Oby/Gyn Specialist)
Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Alene Holloway (Illinois, PCUSA)
Mr. Tom and Mrs. Jocelyn Logan and 3 teams from Marion Medical Mission - PCUSA
Delegation from Granada Hills, PCUSA, (California) came on 24th August for a 1 day visit.
Mr. C and Mrs. H Killick (Ireland)

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