Future Plans
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Future Plans

A well established, inclusive planning process exists at Embangweni Mission Hospital. Yearly departmental plans are drawn up in keeping with the Synod's broader 5 year Strategic Plan. From these, budgets are made and consolidated. Funds are sought accordingly. Some significant plans are as follows:

2 nurses to go for upgrading - one to degree level and one to diploma level
1 medical assistant to begin upgrading to clinical officer


Complete Phase 1 of the Wellness (PHC) Centre, and begin Phase 2 if funds allow
Renovate and re-install boreholes at 2 health centres
Begin a new nurses' house


Open Mhaurunda Health Centre, complete with redevelopment of the road and radio communication
A Home-based care program for those with chronic illness such as AIDS
Expand the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV program to every part of our catchment area
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As we begin our second century of service in Christ's name to the people of Embangweni, we ask for the continued support and prayer of all our partners and stakeholders.

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