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Projects and Maintenance

Throughout 2001 fabric of the hospital has been maintained in a good state of repair. Several major projects were completed in accordance with the plans laid out in the Annual Report 2000. We are grateful to the Lord for the faithfulness and generosity of friends overseas that has enabled us to do the following in 2001:

Wellness Centre - Phase 1. Construction of this PHC conference and office block is nearly complete and within budget. We envision that construction of phase 2 will begin in 2002.
New Main Gate. The position of the Wellness centre and new outpatients block (that we hope to start in 2003) has required us to relocate the main gate to face north. The new arrangement should improve security and provide a more logical patient flow gate.jpg (5297 bytes)
Water Supply. A 5000 gallon overhead tank was installed to act as a backup for the existing 8000 gallon tank that was rehabilitated during the year. These tanks should provide enough capacity for any future expansion that we can foresee. An electric engine for the water pump was purchased and installed to replace the existing diesel one. This should allow us to reduce our fuel costs.
Waste Disposal and Sanitation. Sluices were built on female ward and male ward. Thanks to funds from Greenville Presbyterian Church, South Carolina, a new incinerator was constructed near the hospital perimeter. These facilities are essential to allow effective infection prevention.
Vehicles. An aging Landcruiser was sold commercially, and with funds from churches in the USA and Ireland a new 4.2L pick-up was bought. We are keeping to our plans of maintaining a fleet of 4 vehicles in good repair.

Unfortunately we were unable to install our own fuel tank, as the major suppliers (BP and Mobil) did not think it was commercially viable. Purchasing fuel at the nearest station - 40km away - remains a major expense for the hospital.

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