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Staffing and Training

As can be seen in Annex 3 (Staff Establishment and those in Post as of 31st December 2001) the hospital and its 3 existing health centres employ 133 staff, out of a total government approved establishment of 256 (52% of posts filled). As mentioned above, we have a critical shortage of trained nursing staff. 22 nurses struggle to do the work of the 80 we should have (28% of nursing posts filled). We share this problem with many other mission and government hospitals.

A shortage of tutors, the devastation wrought by AIDS, the arduous nature of the work, and inadequate financial rewards have all contributed to a country-wide crisis in nursing levels. In common with many other units, we have tried to improve terms and conditions by generous increases in allowances. Several 'fast-track' 2 year nursing courses have been approved by the Nurses Council of Malawi, which we hope will be implemented in 2002. Nevertheless, the shortages are set to persist for several years. We ask for your prayers that more nurses will choose to work at Embangweni, and that the existing staff will be given the strength and compassion they need. nurse.jpg (5663 bytes)

In 2001 we appointed the following staff:

4 Enrolled Nurse Midwives (including 1 to Mpasazi)
3 accounts clerks
1 Medical Doctor (Dr Ngwira)
2 groundstaff
1 Principal Administrator (Mr. Winesi)
5 patient attendants
1 driver
1 Medical assistant (contract)
2 ward clerks
1 receptionist

maclean.jpg (5986 bytes)

In December 2001 we welcomed Dr. Alec MacLean and his wife (Carolyn) and family, who have a 4-year contract with the Church of Scotland (pictured left)

We said farewell to Mr. Kawamba (Administrator) after the expiry of his second contract, along with 3 enrolled nurse midwives (2 following marriage and 1 to another hospital). Mr. W Chima (laundryman) and Mrs. F Chunga (wardmaid) both retired after 27 and 11 years of service respectively. In early 2002, Dr. Kennedy and his family will leave to return to Ireland following the completion of their 4-year contract.

Several staff have benefited from the hospitals' sustained commitment to training and development. Miss M Ngulub'e (Nurse Midwife Technician) began an upgrading course at Kamuzu College of Nursing. Mrs. T Chirwa (Enrolled Nurse) successfully completed her upgrading to community nurse by gaining a diploma in community health from AMREF in Kenya. Mr. M Chirwa (clerical officer) attended and passed a 6 month accounting course, Mr. D Mwafulirwa (Stores Clerk) attended a 6 month course in stores management, and Mr. K Lungu (Groundsman) began a 2 year course in bricklaying. Mrs. L. Kammezza Gondwe (clinical officer) will begin as a medical student in the Malawi College of Medicine in January 2002. Good training opportunities are one way we can attract committed staff, and we are thankful for those whose donations have assisted us to fund these courses.

Furthermore, we continue to prepare for the future by sponsoring the training of students in several clinical disciplines who enter a contract to work with us when their studies are complete. As of the end of 2001, the hospital sponsors 2 clinical officer students, 3 nursing students, a dental technician, a pharmacy technician, and a laboratory technician.

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