Christian Witness
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Christian Witness

"I have come that they may have life and have it to the full" John 10:10. As a group of Christian believers working in healthcare, we firmly believe that there is more to life than physical survival. Life in all its fullness is only found when we commit ourselves to Jesus Christ.

To that end, the hospital provides a wide range of activities to help meet the spiritual needs of our patients and staff:

Each day begins with prayers in the chapel or on the wards - all staff are encouraged to participate
Church services are held weekly
Mr. Mhone (the chaplain/evangelist) visits each ward every day to talk and pray with patients. In particular, he will spend time with those who believe that their illness is a result of an evil spirit.
Christian literature in ChiTumbuka is distributed to every inpatient. This devotional booklet offers short Bible readings relating to sickness and health.
A short talk is given every day in the outpatient department to those waiting to be seen
Every member of staff is urged to remember the spiritual needs of their clients, and offer holistic care, including prayer when appropriate
The HIV epidemic presents challenges and opportunities to our staff as they endeavor to show the love of God to the sick and dying. Our counseling of those coming for an HIV test, and our home-based-care training both contain a strong Christian element. Recently, with the assistance of PCUSA, a synod wide meeting of all ministers was held, equipping them to deal openly and compassionately with those affected by the disease. We ask for your prayers, that our witness will be characterized by the radical love of Jesus. "To be a good counselor, to offer your clients the best that you can, you must be in a right relationship with God"
HIV Counseling Trainer, MTCT project, Embangweni, August 2001

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