Chapter 65

A Painful But Rewarding Transition


There is a vast difference between overseas mission work and the parish ministry in Scotland. In Central Africa, the people were so happy to find a new way of life, free from disease, famine, fear of other tribes and cruel tribal rituals. It was real salvation to them and instead of' man-made gods to worship, they found freedom and inward peace, to worship God Almighty. The transformation to a new life was free for the delightful Africans - so very different from the penalties demanded by witch doctors of former days.

The founder of Livingstonia, Dr Robert Laws, had difficulty in getting two or three together in 1875-6 to listen to him. In 1925 many thousands came to meetings, some travelling over forty miles on foot, to hear the Gospel proclaimed.

Now that I was back in Scotland it was not easy to get to the hearts of people. They came to church, they enjoyed the service, singing with great fervour and, in silence, listened to the scripture readings, prayer and sermon.

In Africa, many came after a service asking, 'What can I do for Jesus?' 'May I have a booklet my son can read?' and 'Please come to my village, many old people are longing to hear the story of "The Saviour who cares"!'

Though weak from recurring bouts of malaria and often rushed to nursing homes, hospitals and infirmaries for emergency treatment, I found time to go out to various places to speak on foreign missions. I was always taken by car to some church or hall and in each place I had a loyal welcome.

In April 1933, the Foreign Mission Committee wondered if I was able to undertake a tour of the east Coast of Fife. This I was very pleased to do. I sent out twenty-four cards to various organizations. Within three days I had replies from all. It was a triumphant tour - Leven, Methil, Buckhaven, Elie, St Monance, Pittenweem, Anstruther, Crail, Cupar, Largo and Newport. My reception was most cordial. In each place I found congregations well-informed on parish affairs which was natural, but lacking in knowledge of the many missionary enterprises in different parts of the world.

My health improved and by the summer of 1933 I had completed all my deputation work and added a large sum of money to aid missions and interested nearly 4,000 in Overseas Evangelism.



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