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PART FOUR: Home Ministry - 1933 to 1965


Chapter 65:  A Painful But Rewarding Transition
Chapter 66:  The Life of a Minister Among the Miners
Chapter 67:  Newmills, Fife, My First Parish
Chapter 68:  Whippet Was Fed While Family Starved
Chapter 69:  Strange Story of the Broken-Hearted Tramp
Chapter 70:  When Disaster Struck at Valleyfield Pit
Chapter 71:  The Polish Soldier Paid With a 100 Note
Chapter 72:  The Toy Factory at the Manse
Chapter 73:  A Soldier's Last Salute to His Wife
Chapter 74:  The Woman who Lost Her Husband and Twin Sons
Chapter 75:  The Wedding Took Place By Candle-Light
Chapter 76:  Invigorating Drumoak
Chapter 77: Faith and Healing
Chapter 78:  Carlops, the Radient Village
Chapter 79:  The Uncaring Daughter
Chapter 80:  The Father They Thought was a Long Time Dead


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This work, Going With God, is copywrited by Ronald R. Caseby, 1993.   All rights reserved.  Used here by express permission.