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PART THREE: Missionary - 1919 to 1933

Chapter 36: Africa - Setting the Scene
Chapter 37: Unerring Missionary Zeal
Chapter 38: Dedication
Chapter 39: Thrills on Land and the Lake
Chapter 40: Long Hours - Hard Rewarding Work
Chapter 41: Bride's Arrival, Marriage, Sound Partnership
Chapter 42: Looking Ahead, the Citreon Expedition
Chapter 43: Government Request - Unusual Visitor
Chapter 44: Agonizing Malaria
Chapter 45: Looking Ahead - Another Journey
Chapter 46: Pleasant Assignment
Chapter 47: Customs, Rites, Folklore
Chapter 48: Days of Great Importance
Chapter 49: Boats to the Rescue
Chapter 50: Wonder Upon Wonder
Chapter 51: The Jubiliee Celebrations
Chapter 52: The Picnic, Followed by a Storm
Chapter 53: One Million Trees
Chapter 54: Home
Chapter 55: Back to Central Africa
Chapter 56: Exploring Bush Land
Chapter 57: The Foreign Mission Secretary Arrives
Chapter 58: Animals Are Not So Wild After All
Chapter 59: Success and Setbacks
Chapter 60: A Working Visit to the Lake Shore
Chapter 61: Moments Glad and Grave
Chapter 62: The Birth of Our Twin Boys
Chapter 63: The Turning Point
Chapter 64: Twelve Incredible Hours



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This work, Going With God, is copywrited by Ronald R. Caseby, 1993.   All rights reserved.  Used here by express permission.