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PART TWO: Soldier, World War I - September 1915 to Demobilization 1919

Chapter 12: My First Army Meal - My Mother's Cooking!
Chapter 13: That 'Fool' was the Sergeant-Major
Chapter 14: Life in the Army of 1915 - Dirty Horse Boxes Were Our Billets
Chapter 15: Men Took Second Place to Horses
Chapter 16: Rough Awakening in France
Chapter 17: Box of 'Shells' Contained Bricks!
Chapter 18: Tour of Trenches Earned Ten Francs
Chapter 19: Germans Dazed By Their Own Chlorine Gas!
Chapter 20: The Somme Offensive 1916
Chapter 21: From Ypres to 'Plug Street'
Chapter 22: Ypres Again: Blowing Up of Hill 60 and Messignes Ridge
Chapter 23: Living With the Rats of Vimy Ridge
Chapter 24: In Hospital
Chapter 25: Something Hellish Was a Tank
Chapter 26: After the 'Byng Bang' and Tanks
Chapter 27: Lull Before the Storm - A Hun Attack
Chapter 28: Dug in by the Somme
Chapter 29: The Tide Begins to Turn
Chapter 30: German Regulars From Russia
Chapter 31: Fireworks Display Foils Attack
Chapter 32: Open Warfare - Jerry on the Run
Chapter 33: The Beginning of the End
Chapter 34: The Grand Surrender
Chapter 35: Peace Comes at Last


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This work, Going With God, is copywrited by Ronald R. Caseby, 1993.   All rights reserved.  Used here by express permission.