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Additional Pictures from the book:


Women on Rumpi Bridge, Livingstone's descendents
This historic picture on the Rumpi Bridge shows: left to right, Mrs McDonald (David Livingstone's grand-daughter), holding her baby, Ruth McDonald (David Livingstone's great grand-daughter), Mrs A. Caseby and Mrs Wilson (David Livingstone's daughter), taken on 1st May 1924

Africans taking European style bath
Bath-time European style with Helen Nyachananga and her son Funki, taken about 1925-26.

Dr Laws at laying of College Foundation Stone
Dr Laws and Sir C. Bowering at the laying of the College Foundation Stone on 12th October 1925.

Boat at dawn on Lake Nyasa, Livingstonia
Dawn on Lake Nyasa, Livingstonia.

Man carrying log near Livingstonia
A native fuel carrier near Livingstonia, 1923, used in lectures in Scotland about working in Livingstonia.

Mrs Alexandar Caseby on her husbands motor cycle
Mrs A. Caseby trying on her husband's two-stroke motor-cycle which she also used for visiting on the Mission Station.



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