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The Embangweni Hospital Chapel was dedicated in 1994 "to the glory of God and in memory of Dr. Kenneth H. McGill," a surgeon who served with his wife at the hospital from 1988 to 1991. The chapel is used for morning devotions as well as other hospital meetings. The choir group was formed in 1994. It consists of staff members devoted to expressing their faith through music. They sing at the daily chapel morning devotions held for all staff and interested patients and guardians. They practice daily at lunch and also sing at special occasions.  

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Choir in front of Chapel

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McGill Chapel

In 1999, the chapel choir made a concert tour of the USA.  The tour was organized by Dr. Cosimo Storniolo and supported by the churches visited in Illinois, Kansas, Colorado and California.  Their month long tour left Malawi on Sept. 19, 1999 and they returned to Malawi on Oct. 17, 1999.  They were welcomed with great excitement and enthusiasm everywhere they went in the US.  Even though most of the choir members had never been outside of Malawi before and they certainly experienced culture shock in a big way, they all adapted well and kept up their spirits and singing the whole time.

While some of the choir members have changed since the 1999 tour, the members that were on the tour were:

MARGARET NG’OMA  (Soprano) Pharmacy aide; started 1996; single with two children; enjoys netball, reading, videos, Chapitambiri Village

OVALYN NYASULU (Soprano) Copy typist/receptionist; started 1984,married with six children; enjoys farming, baking, women’s guild; Elunyaweni Village

GRACE NYIRONGO (Soprano) Wardmaid; started 1996; divorced with five children; enjoys farming, cooking; Chaphonya Village

PACHARO MUMBA (Alto) Wardmaid; started 1995; widowed with three children; enjoys farming, netball; Chimkusa Village

MWAWI NYIRONGO (Alto) Nurse anaesthetist; started 1993; single;   enjoys listening to music, gardening, traveling, videos; Chitimbi Village

EDGAR SHABA (Tenor) Security guard; started 1998; married with one child; enjoys farming, singing; Lupenga Village

SOLISTER NKHOMA (Bass) Sterilizer; started 1993; married with one   child; enjoys soccer, farming; Embangweni Village


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Choir in Longmont, Colorado



There is a CD  available of the 1999 Choir Tour as well as a CD made later at the Mission Station. The tour CD includes all of the songs performed on the tour, captured from performances at various churches.  

Both are available from Jim Nussbaumer All proceeds from the sale of the  CD's go back into mission work in Malawi.   See the CD page for information on ordering.