Future Plans



Recently the Medical Board of the Synod approved a Five-Year Plan for the further development of the Hospital and its associated health Clinics. This Plan involves both curative and preventive work.  It includes the upgrading of the Hospital buildings, erecting additional ward accommodation and appointing more trained staff as well as strengthening the already well developed community health programme.

Medical and Nursing Needs

In order to achieve its 5-year plan, the Hospital requires two doctors.   The Synod MEdical Board therefore wishes to appoint one national and one expatriate doctor who together would replace the present single handed expatriate doctor, who wishes to retire  when a successor is in post.  The appointment of two Doctors would allow not only better medical cover at the hospital but also additional medical input into the outlying clinics.  The board also wishes to recruit an expatriate Nursing Officer.  Such staff should all be committed Christians and willing to share in the spiritual as well as the medical work of the hospital. Gordon_hosp_staff1.jpg (8062 bytes)

The Five Year Development Plan

In recognition of the inadequate ward accommodation and other immediate nees in the hospital and health clinics, the Synod Medical Board has approved considerable capital work and staff recruitment when funds become available.  The following is a summary of the main points.


  1. A new Paediatric Ward.  Babies and children are currently admitted to the Female Ward, which is constantly over crowded.

  2. An extension to the Maternity Unit whose 28 beds constantly have to be supplemented with mattresses on the floor.

  3. Repair of patient's toilets and washrooms.

  4. Provision of proper hospital laundry facilities.

  5. Erection of 5 additional staff houses and repairs to a further 19 staff houses.

  6. An overnight shelter and improved kitchen facilities for patients relativwes.  All in-patients are accompanied by a relative or friend who provides food, etc. for them when in hospital.  At the moment most of these helpers sleep on the verandas, very cold from June to August and often rain swept from December to April.

  7. Some renovations and structural maintenance on existing ward buildings.

  8. Complete repainting of Outpatients Department and Operating Theatre.

  9. Restoration of solar powered standby lighting equipment.

Health Clinics

  1. Luwuchi: Repairs to 12 staff houses and pinting of Health Clinic.

  2. Tcharo: Repairs to Ward and to 2 staff houses.
    A 'safe water' supply scheme and provision of a food storage facility.

  3. Mlowe: Repairs to Health Clinic and repairs to 6staff houses. 
    Restoration of a water powered maize mill.

  4. Zunga: Construction of a 4 bed Maternity Unit with Delivery Room.
    Repairs to 4 staff houses.

Staff Recruitment

The following additional or replacement staff should be recruited:
  1. Two doctors, one of whom should be an expatriate.

  2. One clinical Officer.

  3. One expatriate Nursing Officer.

  4. Seven Nurse/Midwifes, five for the hospital and two for health clinics,

  5. One appropriately trained Laboratory Technician.

  6. One Works Project and Maintenance Manager to take responsibility for building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical work and repairs.

  7. A Senior Accounts Clerk.

Gordon_hosp_staff.jpg (8974 bytes)


Staff Training

  1. Sponsorship of Director of PHC to obtain a Masters in Public Health or equivalent.

  2. Sponsorship of Hospital Administrator on a two-year course in Hospital Administration.


The provision of a 4-Ton lorry to carry building materials, fuel and medical supplies etc.


The cost of implementing all the capital recommendations in the Development Plan is approximately �120,000.