Full Primary School


Loudon Full Primary School

The Loudon (previously Embangweni) Full Primary School has over 1300 students and 17 teachers.   It was founded in 1904 by  Scottish missionaries. PrimarySchool20.jpg

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New Classroom Block

In the 1960's, maintenance was allowed to slide and by the mid- 90's the physical condition of the school buildings and staff housing was in terrible shape.  There just was no money to properly maintain them and pay operating expenses also.  In 1998, The rafters and roof supports were badly eaten by termites. The exterior brick walls were cracking.  The doors and windows were rotting and many were off the hinges. 
According to former Headmaster Jere, "the once magnificent structures ... were on the verge of collapse."  The interior was even more depressing: dirty, cracked and dark walls, broken cement floors, full of potholes.  The school formed a committee with staff, parents and the community and with the financial help of Marion Medical Mission  they began improving things.   In the next two and a half years, they did a major rehabilitation of the school.   They redid the 4 school blocks, inside and out, from the floors to the rafters.   Then they began on the teachers houses.

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Headmaster Godwin Jere & wife

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Students in Classroom

Main Courtyard

They have recently remodeled their teacher's houses with the financial assistance of Marion Medical Mission.  These are now nice enough, that the then headmaster, Mr. Jere, has said that he has had teachers turn down transfers that are actually promotions because they would have to give up the nice houses they have at Loudon (Embangweni).  This is a real advantage in getting and retaining quality teachers.

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Remodeled teachers houses

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New Playground equipment

Recently, with the help of some friends from America, they have installed a playground complete with swings and climbing equipment.  This is a new and exciting thing for most of the kids and they are really enjoying it.

In 2002 they opened a new Library and Administration building, funded largely by a church in the USA.

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Library & Administration Building

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Library Interior

The library has a good selection of books for the children to use.   It is also large enough to use as a meeting room.