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bulletMarion Medical Mission is heavily involved in supporting the Deaf School and installing shallow wells in northern Malawi.
bulletMission to Malawi is the story of two normal people who answer a call of the Holy Spirit to go to Malawi.
bulletPCUSA Malawi Mission Network - PCUSA related people who are involved in Malawi
bulletA Profile of Malawi.
bulletMedical Benevolence Foundation is a major supporter of the Embangweni Hospital.
bulletMalawi Headlines updated daily.
bulletWebmaster's story of his trip to Malawi - June 2001
bulletSome Reflections of one of the June 2001 trip participants.
bulletStory of a Bride traveling from Scotland to Livingstonia in 1924. 
bulletDirectory of Malawi Related Web Sites - very good
bullet Tribalism in the Political History of Malawi 
bulletLukwe EcoCamp - accomodation option at Livingstonia
bulletStories on HIV and on Nursing at Embangweni