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The Mission Station at Livingstonia was established in 1894 by the Scottish doctor, clergyman, educationalist and explorer, Dr. Robert Laws.


There are several major institutions at Livingstonia, including:

bulletDavid Gordon Memorial Hospital
bulletLivingstonia Secondary School - discontinued - at least
bulletLivingstonia Technical School



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A previous Head of Station at Livingstonia
was Rev. Ted Mwambila.

How to Get There

Livingstonia is 270 miles north of the capital, Lilongwe, which has direct flights from London and from other African countries.  From Lilongwe, the town of Mzuzu can be reached either by car on a tarred road (4-5 hours) or by plane (1 hour) with flights most days.  Livingstonia is a further 85 miles north, but because of the difficult condition of the road, the journey may take a further 3 hours, and a four-wheel drive vehicle is essential during the rainy season.  There are two routes to Livingstonia; a more direct one by murram road along the foothills of the Nyika Mountains, and the other via a tarred road descending to the lake shore and then branching left up to the plateau by the famous 20 hairpin bend 'gorodi', a stony road up the escarpment.

Other Information

Livingstonia is on the edge of the Nyika National Park, which extends to the Zambian border less than 40 miles to the west.  In a valley to the north of the plateau are the famous and picturesque Manchewe Falls, just 35 minutes walk from the Hospital.   The hospital has a telephone link with the outside world although there are often problems getting through.  In addition, the hospital is connected by short wave radio to its health clinics and to its sister hospitals at Ekwendeni and Embangweni and to Lilongwe.  The climate is temperate, (much more pleasant than at the lakeshore) with the rainy season from the end of December to May.  The murram road to Livingstonia can be particularly difficult during this time.

Guest House

One guest house, the 'Stone House', which was the original home of Dr. Laws, can usully be contacted on (00265) 368 223 or 368 215.  Local time is GMT+2 hours or BST + 1 hour.

Rev. Alexander Caseby

Rev. Alexander Caseby was a Scottish missionary at Livingstonia from 1919 to 1933.   His  biography is an exciting story, not only of his adventures while at Livingstonia, but also of his time in the British Army during World War I.   The biography, Going With God, prepared and edited by his son, Ronald R. Caseby, is currently out of print but with the permission of the author, it is presented in it's entirety on this web site.  Even though it takes a while to read, it certainly gives a wonderful view of the life of an early missionary.  The book is broken out into manageable sized chapters so that you can pick and choose the sections you are interested in.  He worked with Dr. Robert Laws, the founder of Livingstonia and gives glimpses of this great man. Also, the story of his bride traveling to  Livingstonia to marry him is presented in the separate story below.

Death of Minnie Caseby

A Story of a Bride Traveling from Scotland to Livingstonia in 1924