Loudon Station
Hospital Full Primary School Embangweni School for the Hard of Hearing



Embangweni Mission Renamed to Loudon Mission

At the 100th anniversary of it's founding, in Nov., 2002, the name of the Embangweni Mission Station reverted to it's original name Loudon.

Loudon Mission Station  was founded in 1902 by Rev. Donald Fraser.

As of mid-2005, there is now a decent telephone connection into the Loudon Mission Station. They have installed a microwave link to the station and put in a telephone substation.  That means that modern, reliable phone service is finally available. While this is a very incomplete list,  click here for a partial list of  telephone numbers at Loudon.  Most land lines at Loudon have now been replaced with cell phones.

The station includes 3 schools:

bulletLoudon Full Primary School
bulletRobert Laws Secondary School - FACEBOOK PAGE
bulletEmbangweni School for the Hard of Hearing

There is also a Hospital, a Church, and a Guest House.

For some very good pointers on travel to Embangweni - and for all parts of Malawi for that matter, check out the A - Z Travel to Embangweni.

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Donald Fraser Guest House

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The Donald Fraser Guest was opened in 2002.  It contains 12 double rooms, 8 of them with private baths.  There is also a dining room where guests may purchase meals. Upon request, guests can get laundry done.  See their FACEBOOK PAGE.

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The church sanctuary building was built in 1903.