The Non-Malawians currently (or recently) serving at Loudon (Embangweni) and in northern Malawi include:

Martha Sommers -  previously served at Embangweni & Ekwendeni but now home in the USA. MarthaSommers04.jpg (22041 bytes)

Related Personnel:

Frank and Nancy Dimmock - in Lilongwe, Malawi through 2006.  Then they were in Lesotho, Africa.  Now they are home in the USA.

Dr. Neil Kennedy (returned to Ireland, March 2002) Neil is now serving as senior lecturer at College of Medicine of the University of Malawi in Blantyre.

Dr. Alex Maclean, with wife Carolyn and children Aillie, Kirsty and Alexander. A doctor from the Church of Scotland. Dr. Maclean and family returned to Scotland in 2003 due to family medical problems. maclean.jpg (5986 bytes)

Jim & Jodi McGill - in Mzuzu, Malawi

Bill & Beth Rule - served in Embangweni, Malawi from 2003 - 2005 rules.jpg (17222 bytes)

Presbyteries with Partnerships:
The following Presbyteries currently have established a partner relationship with a Synod in Malawi. More information on partnerships between churches or Presbyteries in the USA and Malawi can be found on the WEB site of Malawi Mission Network.

US Presbytery Malawian Partner Further Information
Presbytery of Eastern Oklahoma Synod of Livingstonia
Presbytery of Northern New York Synod of Livingstonia
Presbytery of Pittsburgh  Synod of Blantyre


Often times, the best way to get important papers, pictures,  or small packages to Embangweni is to send them with someone traveling there from the US.  The list of people traveling to Malawi is now being maintained on the WEB site of the Malawi Mission Network. These contacts should be used sparingly. The people listed there are not all traveling to Embangweni but are at least going to Malawi and would be able to get a package to the right place over there.