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These stories and pictures of orphans near Nkhoma were all collected by Dr. Reynier TerHaar, the Chief Medical Officer at Nkhoma Hospital.

Story 1

Shareck, James with two other nieces lives with their grandmother. Their father has passed away last year with diarroea and vomiting and their mother a month ago with the same simptomsThe future will show if the two kids are also infected. The photo   taken in front of their house that they now live in. The house of their parents they had to leave and they now have to live in this house approximately 4 by 6 meters. with their grandmother. Instead of receiving a pension, the grandmother has to work very hard to keep herself and the little ones going.

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At the time of the visit she was working in the garden and collecting firewood to cook food for that evening. Thanks to the fertilizer that was handed out there is a better harvest and hopefully no hunger at the end of the year. They recently received clothing via the project and that is very use full during our present winter.


Story 2

The same afternoon I visited a nearby village where I met Alex Kazinkambani and his niece Charity ChapondeThe father of Alex has passed away ,and there was no schoolfees for Alex. After the house has fallen in, there was not enough funds to build it up again. Now grandmother with 3 small girls lives in the house seen on photo.   Mother only got to half way through primary school and now has to work in her own garden and in the garden of others to keep the pot cooking.

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If you talk to some of the young people, you realize how many of them have no vision for the future. They also do not want to go to school for what difference does it make. Fortunately Alex was interested and the orphan project could help him with secondary education. His brother that you also see on the photographs is not interested and works day in day out in the garden.


Story 3

orphans5.jpg (14696 bytes) With my next visit, I see a mother lying next to her house. When I came closer, I could see the skin lesions on her neck and I know what that means. It is this new disease we have in Malawi these days. Her husband has passed away 3 years agoafter a few months of coughing. Edwin Chigombe(15) has chronic backache and stomach pain,but looks fine otherwise. I am wondering if it could be tension as a result of the circumstances at home. His schoolwork is suffering as a result of it as he has not been to school for the last 5 months. Money is not the reason as he is still busy with Primary school that is free in MalawiTheir mother is not healthy. How long will it be before Edwin will have to look after his two sisters?


Story 4

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I found Blessings Chiseka (10) next to the road selling small cakes that his guardian has prepared. His parents have passed away and this is the way they are generating a little income. His aunt that looks after him also sells sugarcane and firewood to fill all the mouths with something to eat.
With them lives 6 other children but not one from the mother!! Three of the six children, excluding Blessings, still have a father. He has married again and went to live in another village His first wife died when their house collapsed. He occasionally comes to see his children and support them very little. This is unfortunately a common happening around Nkhoma and in other parts of Malawi

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